Famous People Living in Forth Worth

Many celebrities have made their home in Fort Worth. Whether it’s for a short period of time or something more permanent, there are many notable people that call Tarrant county home. At least one famous person has lived here since the 1930s and is still going strong today! In fact, you may know some of them well already, but didn’t realize they’re from Forth Worth! The following list provides names to get started:

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– Matt Damon

– Kim Novak

– Sandra Bullock

-“American Idol” winner, Lee DeWyze grew up in Arlington and graduated from Martin High School. He currently resides in Fort Worth with his wife! The couple married earlier this year after a brief engagement following their 2010 wedding plans that fell through due to Hurricane Katrina. This time around it was another devastating storm – Superstorm Sandy (which also caused the cancellation of two sold out shows on his current tour) – but they stuck by each other’s side leading them back down the aisle for a second time to finally make things right! They’re now happily living together here in Forth Worth as newlyweds! That help him get over not winning the “American Idol” title he’s still touring and doing well.

– George W Bush

-“Working Girl” star Melanie Griffith was born in New York City but raised right here in Forth Worth alongside her identical twin sister, actress Tippi Hedren (who also lives part time here). The girls spent their childhood working as fashion models before the opportunity to break into show business came calling when they were signed on with Ford Models at age 16! By 18, they’d both landed roles on Broadway – Griffiths’ being a supporting role opposite actor Christopher Walken in Neil Simon’s play “The Gingerbread Lady.” Her big screen debut followed shortly after landing the lead female role of Christine in Brian De Palma’s horror film, “The Fury.” A few years later, Griffith landed the role of secretary Tess McGill in Mike Nichols’ romantic comedy hit, “Working Girl.” She has also starred alongside Tom Cruise and Robert Duvall in Francis Ford Coppola’s thriller, “Crazy People;” Kris Kristofferson & Julia Roberts (and her real life mom!) in Steven Spielberg’s drama-thriller based on a true story about an all female jury that finds itself deadlocked over whether or not to convict a violent man; opposite Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman as Johnny Depps’ love interest/wife – June Havens – in Lasse Hallström’s fantasy romance film adaption of author Nicholas Sparks’ novel, “The Lucky One;” along with an all-star cast that includes Denzel Washington, Bill Pullman and James Woods in Phillip Noyce’s political drama about the assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan titled “In the Line of Fire;” as well as opposite Kevin Costner & Sean Connery in Ivan Reitman’s sports drama based on a true story about the underdog American Hockey Team facing off against their Russian counterparts to win Olympic gold at The 1980 Winter Games. Griffith has also appeared alongside Morgan Freeman again – this time playing his daughter (Griffith is actually only six years older than him) – Maddy Bowen, who falls for laborer Cale (Finesse Mitchell), whom she hires to work on her family’s farm in the romantic drama “Feast of Love.”

– Johnny Cash

-“In God We Trust” singer, Aaron Tippin was born and raised here in Forth Worth. He still lives nearby with his wife! The couple married back in 1998 after meeting at a songwriter’s night hosted by Randy Travis. In addition to this hit made famous by country music artist Kenny Chesney, some other popular songs written or performed by Tippin include: “You’ve Got To Stand For Something,” which became an anthem for the U.S. troops during Operation Desert Storm; “That’s As Close As I’ll Get To Loving You (The Cowboy Song);” as well as duets like “I Believed It All” with wife, Thea; and the classic country hit that he shares with his father – a cover of Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline.”

– Matthew McConaughey

-“Crazy Heart” actor Jeff Bridges was born here in Forth Worth. He still lives nearby! The acclaimed film star has been married to his high school sweetheart since 1977. They met as students at St. Mark’s School Of Texas where they were both members of the drama club during senior year (he played Romeo).