Crime Rate in Fort Worth

According to data from the FBI, Fort Worth has a crime rate of 41.28 for every 100 000 people per year across all reported crimes – which is lower than Texas’s average of 50.84 and higher than America’s national average of 40.69 (which includes metropolitan areas). This means that in comparison to other cities and states around the country, it may be safer or more dangerous to live there depending on where you are coming from.

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Fort Worth was ranked #48 out of 118 by Forbes Magazine for “Best Places For Business And Careers In 2015” having scored well above both state and national averages in key indicators such as job growth, salary levels and cost-of-living; however when it comes to crime there are still some issues that need to be dealt with.

Accordingly, the safe side of Fort Worth is better if you are a white-collar worker who can afford to live in places such as North Richland Hills or Southlake – which have low levels of criminal activity and high household incomes – whereas for blue collar workers living closer to Dallas may see them in more dangerous situations where they might not be so lucky . All this being said, though violent crimes rates seem higher than other cities around the country (although much lower than Chicago) , statistics show overall property thefts have actually decreased by 40% over five years between 2010 and 2015; meaning fewer break-ins and robberies. There seems however to be no data available for other crimes such as fraud, drug abuse or sexual offenses.

Crime rate statistics are important to consider when moving into new areas and cities as they can help you make a more informed decision about the level of danger that is involved living in different places – especially if you have children who may be at risk . If you’re planning on moving to Fort Worth then check out Neighborhood Scout before making any big decisions – their crime map provides detailed information including violent crime rates, property theft numbers (along with break-ins), criminal activity predictions , sex offenders locations and much more!

Fort Worth is perfect for those who can afford to live in the safer areas and less appealing for those living closer to Dallas. The crime rate is slightly high, but over time it has seen a significant decrease – making Fort Worth an ideal place if you are considering moving there .

Additionally, there are many different types of jobs available in Fort Worth such as the well-known companies like Lockheed Martin, American Airlines and Radio Shack.

There is a high crime rate throughout Forth Worth; however this has decreased drastically over time – making it an ideal place to live if you can afford to live in areas that have lower criminal activity levels . If considering moving into Fort Worth then check out Neighborhood Scout for more information on crime rates before doing so as they provide detailed statistics including property thefts (including break ins), violent crimes predictions , sex offenders locations and much more!