City Parks in Fort Worth

The Fort Worth City Park System is a recreation system designed for the residents of Fort Worth. The parks provide an array of services including picnic areas, playground equipment and athletic fields. Many parks also offer water features such as swimming pools, splash pads or ponds with fountains that are great during hot Texas summers to cool off and have fun in! With 36 total city owned parks within the limits of Fort Worth there’s bound to be one near you offering something fun for everyone.

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Here are the list of parks in Fort Worth:

-Beverly S Walker Park

-Woodhaven Nature Preserve

-Laurel Hills Park

-Anderson Orchard Natural Area

and many more! The Fort Worth City Parks are a fun place for the whole family to enjoy. If you’re looking for something close by and free, be sure to check out one of the parks in your neighborhood. They offer tons of amenities like playgrounds, dog runs or walking trails so everyone can get outside, have some fun and get active this summer! Some of these outdoor recreation areas even offer athletic fields which is great if your kids play soccer or baseball since it gives them an opportunity to practice their skills all year round whether’s during the mild winter months or blazing hot Texas summers.

It is important for you to have time with your family visiting these  parks, they are a great place to bond and have fun. The Fort Worth City Parks ensure there is something for everyone in the family whether its an athletic field or playground equipment your kids will love these parks!



-Dog runs/Parks

-Water features like pools, splash pads, fountains

Child friendly park with many amenities including sports fields and playgrounds; perfect for families looking to spend time together outside exploring their neighborhood parks during summer months. Great bonding experience for parent and child as well. Lots of opportunities for children to engage in active play at any one of 36 city owned parks located throughout Fort Worth area. Free outdoor recreation areas available year round with plenty of activities on offer to keep everyone entertained.


City parks in Fort Worth offer a variety of amenities including playground equipment, athletic fields and water features like swimming pools or fountains which are great for the whole family during hot Texas summers! 36 city owned parks within the limits of Fort Worth provide something fun for every member of your family with sports available all year round and plenty of activities on offer at these outdoor recreation areas for children to enjoy. Great place to spend time outdoors bonding with your child; especially since there is so much opportunity for active play within each park location. Free outdoor places perfect if you’re looking to save money this summer while still enjoying quality time as a family outside together exploring your neighborhood area close by .