Carter Riverside a Neighborhood in Fort Worth

Carter Riverside is a neighborhood in Fort Worth, Texas. It was established by the Carter family and has been an influential part of the city since its founding at the beginning of the 20th century. The first settlers were named for Robert E. Lee, who had recently died when they came to what became Fort Worth around 1840. His widow moved there with their daughter after his death in 1870 but left because she felt that it would be too wild for her tastes and returned to Virginia where she later wrote about her experiences on the frontier which turned into another book after being edited down from several thousand pages length!

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Her son-in-law William Halsell joined them soon afterwards when he retired from politics in Arkansas during Reconstruction (1865–77) and eventually became a cattle baron. A second wave of settlers, the Carters, were named for Confederate general (1824–64) who was killed in battle during the Civil War. They arrived around 1890 but it wasn’t until 1900 that they ventured into Fort Worth after selling their family farm to purchase land on which to build Carter Riverside from what was known as the Santa Fe Railroad subdivision where more than 100 families had already begun settling.

It is beneficial living in  the city of Fort Worth because it allows for a close proximity to the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex as well as being located in between two major airports, DFW and Love Field. The climate is generally mild with average temperatures ranging from the mid 30s at night during winter months to over 100 degrees during summer time which often makes living outdoors rather uncomfortable around this time without access to an air conditioned space.

The City of Fort Worth has been ranked by Money Magazine multiple times under different categories on their list of “Best Places To Live” including most recently in 2013 where they were listed number 28 out of 100 cities that offer not only job opportunities but also have high quality schools, low crime rates, affordable homes, plenty of entertainment options, and a high level of health care. The city has also been recognized by the Brookings Institution as one of America’s top performing cities in terms of economic recovery and job growth, proving that it is not just an attractive destination for those seeking work but also an ideal place to live while having access to many different employment opportunities across multiple industries.

Carter Riverside continues being a historic neighborhood with beautiful homes built from around 1900 through the 1950s which are mostly bungalow cottages or ranches with their own yards running along tree-lined streets perfect for taking walks on any time of year especially between springtime and winter during late fall when leaves begin changing colors before falling off trees creating unique patterns on sidewalks as as covering them completely making it hard to cross roads!

The neighborhood is also full of parks which include playgrounds for children as well as small lakes and ponds perfect for fishing, walking or jogging around during the day or night, there are even a few with trails that lead through them so they can be explored at all times. It’s common around this area in Fort Worth to see people walking their dogs throughout neighborhoods on any given day whether it’s just after sunrise before work starts or later in the evening when everyone is coming home from a long day. Sometimes you might hear barking but more often than not it will either be quiet except for your own footsteps perhaps mixed with chirping birds overhead if you walk early enough while sunrises still light up the sky for another day.

Homeowners in Carter Riverside take pride in their homes and the surrounding community which is why they work together to keep up with landscaping, mowing lawns, planting flowers around trees or building small vegetable gardens along fences that run alongside houses as well as keeping porch lights on at night so it’s easy to find your way down sidewalks leading back from where you came!