Arlington Heights a Neighborhood in Fort Worth, Texas

Known as a community in Fort Worth, Texas Arlington Heights is located north of downtown. This neighborhood was established around the 1950s and it offers single-family homes that were built mostly back in those days which makes this area unique for its simple design. The median value at $122,000 proves to be more affordable than other areas within Tarrant County with average home prices starting from $131,500 and up according to Zillow data on December 2018 . Today this residential area is a great place to buy homes with the newer ones being built at its borders.

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Arlington Heights is a neighborhood in Fort Worth, Texas. A Denver, Colorado-originating promoter named H. B. Chamberlain bought 2,000 acres of land from a Chicago financier named Tom Hurley and Robert McCart. He attempted to develop Arlington Heights, but a hotel he built, Ye Arlington Inn, burned in 1894 and he died in a bicycle accident in London. Arlington Heights was developed after the United States moved military personnel in the surrounding area in World War I.

Homes here are also slightly smaller compared to others nearby but they do not lack anything when it comes owning your own  place stateside! In addition you can find several different eateries where you can choose between fast food or sit down restaurants offering American fare made just right so check out the list below for some of the best places to eat in Arlington Heights.

We have listed several restaurants you should check out when looking for a place to grab a bite!

Dixie House Cafe – This is one of our favorite breakfast spots that we highly recommend. You will find classic menu items like eggs and bacon or pancakes which are made fresh daily right on site but if you want something more unique try their chicken fried steak with biscuits and gravy, it’s delicious.

Dixon’s Chili Parlor – Here you will find a casual and relaxed environment that has been around since the 1950s which makes this restaurant even more of an icon. You can try their chili three ways or if you are not a fan of spicy foods go for some chicken fried steak instead!

Kitty’s Kafe – If it is lunch time head over to Kitty’s where they have delicious burgers to choose from while enjoying your meal on one of their outdoor patios with friends. This is also a popular spot for breakfast when in Arlington Heights so stop by whenever works best for you, we definitely recommend giving them a shot at least once during your stay here!

It is beneficial living  in Arlington Heights because it offers a safe environment for families and individuals alike to enjoy. This is also one of the more affordable areas in Tarrant County so if you are looking for an easy-to-manage home, this place might be perfect!

Also Arlington Heights has many things to offer such as taking a walk to the dog park or enjoying some time at the community pool!

There are several places you can check out in this area so get ready for an adventure when you live here.

We hope this blog post was helpful and we hope that if you decide to move here it will be a great experience for both yourself and your family, welcome to Arlington Heights!